Wreck Beach

88% love it
Officially clothing-optional
Trail #7 is where you want to get lost if you wanna meet up with gay mates. Because of its location in the North Arm Jetty, the water is not suitable for swimming (though improving), but there are other distractions. Small trails lead into the woods for more private settings, although public sex does violate strict naturists ideals. What we're trying to say: Don't get caught!


    • slimrfun
      slimrfun Over a year ago

      Forty percent nude on a crowded beach
      Head out to UBC (university of bc) and go to the most westerly point of the campus. That should get you onto nw marine drive. Look for trees to your west and a steep treed slope down. There is a merchant stand at the top of the trail and lots of parked cars. There is pay parking south of the trail head. Enjoy the easy hike down cuz the hike up will get you panting. There are allot on this beach just to 'rubber neck' so dont be surprised when you hear not yet mature girls giggling at the nudists or see lots of clothed people. I would put the gay ratio at 20% maybe. If your looking for sex / wanting to have sex, try south into the swampy area where gay guys sometimes go/wait. Swimming is now frequent here in the summer. It is also a tradition to howl at the sun as it dissapears from the horizon - so dont be surprised when you hear it. Summer time brings the crowds, merchant tents and the odd festival. Alcohol and drugs are easy to buy on this beach, just lay down and they will come around every half hour in between police patrols. There is word of another nude beach in White Wrock - due to the overcrowding at Wreck.