The Listel Hotel

100% love it
A cultural hotel experience
The Listel Hotel has been dubbed Vancouver's most "art-full" hotel. It's art collection is valued at over $2 million. So, no matter where you go in the hotel, you will be delighted by its treasures.


    • thadmc
      thadmc Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Funky, friendly and great location
      I don't know how the Listel missed the list. Best description on their site: "This hotel has good karma. "It always has. Call it what you like - feng shui, karma, a happy spirit – The Listel Hotel has always had it. "...Maybe it’s because the hotel has almost always been owned by a family....Or maybe it’s because the kitchen is at the heart of the hotel....Or maybe it’s the remarkable staff and their passion for the place."